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I purchased my first investment property from Steve in Nashua, NH. I had the home inspected after closing by a friend and he said the renovations were done perfectly. Bottom line he does great work. He also does the right thing. About a week after closing Steve called me because he was told by his realtor that one of the dishwashers was not working. I checked and confirmed there was a problem. He sent his crew back out to the house and replaced it. This was after closing. I was shocked. I thanked him and said "you didn't have any obligation to do this as the deal is closed." He replied it was the right thing to do and he believe if you put out good you get good in return. He's just good.

Tom DeBenedictis

This is a strange story to tell!
I am a single mom of 3 kids. My 2 older sons stayed at my home until I put it up for sale. It was in great disrepair and more than I could or wanted to tackle ( I had moved to CT)! So, I had heard the radio ad Steve was in and figured that would be a safe place to start with the sale of my home. I called he met me at the house in Loudon, NH 4 hours after I called. He gave me a price we agreed and signed a contract that same day ( December 2021). The co-op my home was in was beyond disrespectful, rude, and very unkind and unwilling to even answer or respond to us for months ( I had been a member of this co-op and raised my kids there for 15 years).
In those months Steve had been rejected as a buyer, (for no reason) even though he EASILY passed all the requirements of the co-op board, as did the next 2 buyers he found me. He and his team helped me with all the contract stuff and at that point I WASN'T even his client anymore! He ended up finding a buyer that was going to fix the house up within days with his family. The sale of this home gave me the freedom to move on and make a new chapter in my life.
Thank you Steve and Rockport Buys Homes for being so kind, caring,committed, and for having Great morals.

Livia Fife


Steve at Rockport is a pleasure to work with! He made the purchase process smooth and easy! Not only did he help with the process of selling our current home but also found us our new home! Professional and always there to answer any questions we had! Thank you Steve for all you have done to get us to our new home!!

James Kenney


i recently sold my mothers house , to Steve.
and i must say , it was a very easy process , close quickly , trusted , did what they said , if you want to sell home fast , these are the guys to go to
! , sell as is , sell for cash , very nice, professional and a pleasure to work with .
Thank you very much !!

Ovi Chef


I am a non-US citizen and this was my first experience selling a property in the US. There are so many hurdles for non-US citizens to cross and many of them come up unexpectedly. Resolving them can be extremely costly,time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, Steve and his team are total professionals who understand their business. They were extremely patient and helpful in getting some of the things done which I couldn't do from overseas.
Honest and trustworthy are two words I can confidently use to describe Steve and Rockport Homes.
Good luck to you guys.

Anil Goorahoo


My husband and I were recently discussing selling a property that he had inherited when i heard an ad on the radio for Rockport Buys Homes. We decided to call just to see what the offer would be. Neither of us have any experience with selling a home so we weren't sure what to expect. Within a few days of the phone call they had looked at the property and made us an offer. There was no pressure and the entire process was explained to us in language that we could understand. They were willing to buy the property "as is" so we didn't have to do any repairs or updates. In less than 10 days we had a closing at a time and place that we were able to choose! The entire process was quick and easy. We received everything that we were promised. I cant wait to see the property once they are done with their remodeling! I would highly recommend Rockport Buys Homes to anyone looking to sell quickly!

Patty Norcross


My clients sold their home to Steve of Rockport Homes. Selling and buying in one day, coordinating the move... so much could have gone wrong. Thankfully, Rockport Homes promised to make their side an easy process and they did. All went smoothly and my clients are happy in their new home! You can definitely trust Steve and Rockport Homes to do what they say they will do!

Sally Steward


Steve is a man of great integrity. He is always willing to talk things through with you and explain things in detail so that you are left with a complete understanding of the process. I have worked with Steve a number of times and I would never hesitate to call on him again for help! Thanks Steve!

Bob Rafferty


I had the opportunity to participate in a site visit with Steve and his contractor team as they walked through / sized up one of their new projects. The entire team shares Steve's level of care, integrity, and professionalism. I was impressed with the level of detail as they discussed options on how to approach the project tasks and I went away feeling they treat each project as if they were selling to their family or friends.

Jay Boucher


Steve and Michele Richard of Rockport Buys Homes epitomize what it means to be client-centric and genuinely care. They act with professionalism, and are always open to listen to our unique needs. Highly recommend this professional company and its passionate team!

Nicole Martin


Steve is one of the most hard working, trustworthy and friendliest people I've ever met. His company is the perfect reflection of him. He'll sell your house as-is, fast and for cash. Closing is extremely quick as well. I wish I could give the company 6 stars.

Travis Veilleux


Steve Richard has been great, he made everything an easy process where we were able to close quickly!

Tim Denoncourt


Rockport offers customers a fair price for their property. Steve is very trustworthy and honorable.

Sean Feren


Great company to work with for selling home fast. Sell for Cash and
Close quickly with a very easy process.

Ashima Samuel


We had a great experience with Steve at ROCKPORT. After hearing his add on the radio, we explored his webpage, saw he was from NH and was willing to come check out our property so we gave him a call. We knew we needed new paint, carpets, and a new appliance or two but honestly didn't have the capacity to fix this before placing it on the market, this was not a problem with Steve, he wanted it as is. After an initial conversation to share our needs we decided to invite him to tour our property. Priority for us was being able to schedule a closing date a few months out so we could arrange to move into our new home. After touring our property Steve was quickly able to give us a reasonable cash offer and we worked together to plan a closing date, he covered all closing costs. He had great follow through, was trustworthy, flexible and very accommodating!

Domenica Medaglia-Brown


Rockport Properties LLC has an impecable reputable, owned by Steve Richard who is a man of great integrity that you can depend on ! I have the honor and pleasure of selling a few homes fot him as a real estate agent and he always deliver the good! Steve is awesome and the men that work for him !! You ROCK !!!

Andrea Richard


Steve and his team came through as promised!

From day one that we spoke on the phone, Steve promised me that don't worry everything will be taking care of and will be sold.. very good people to work with! Definitely will recommend him if your selling your property or business!

Thanks Joey P

Joey P


Steve is one of the most high integrity people I have ever met. A man of his word, he will no doubt exceed your expectations.

Michael Madden


Steve is an honest man and someone you can trust. Highly recommend!!!

Jay Block


If I could I would choose all 4 of the what I like about this business !! They really are that good.

I have seen a number of their projects and was amazed at the quality of work they do. They provide a win. Win, win. Situation !

The sellers win by getting a sell fast situation. Where else can you sell for cash and you can sell as-is! You can close quickly as well. Not month after month of waiting.

The company wins by providing a quick sale for the seller and jobs for the renovations when needed, and to the buyers a quality piece of property for a great price

The Comunity wins by having a home that is not sitting empty or in need of work !

This company cares and have high morals and standards, not something you find very much anymore. I would definitely say this is a trusted company !



Highly recommend Rockport Buys Homes because of their professionalism, they close quickly and they are a trusted company!

Leland Hunter


Rockport is a great company and always delivers on their promise. Led by Steve Richard one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met.

Highly recommend!!

Jay Sterin


Great costumer service! Full recommend

Maria Posas